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Web-based and customizable to clients, AGLOW allows our team to effectively communicate with participating contractors, collecting pertinent information to ensure your program’s success.

For program participants, the Aglow portal organizes project information, documents and communication with real-time data and updates for all project stakeholders. Aglow manages offsite coverage, evaluating contractor certificate details against compliance checklists that mirror contractual requirements, collects and monitors payroll compliance, and assists American Global teams in the verification of contractor insurance costs and project financial performance. This is in addition to the timely and paperless facilitating of contractor enrollment and certificate issuance for participating contractors.

With Aglow’s web-based access, there is no software to install, and data is backed up regularly and stored within a secure, SAS 70-compliant infrastructure. The mobile-ready and browser-independent contractor portal allows sponsor and contractor users convenient access to all the information relevant to their participation in the program.