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At American Global, No Solution Is Out of Reach.

American Global has worked with some of the largest contractors and developers in the world to create valuable insurance solutions across all risk areas and project types. Our deep roots in program design, implementation, and administration of Controlled Insurance Programs have enabled us to develop a diverse project portfolio, including residential, health care, education, infrastructure, office, stadiums, and more.

However, this technical expertise expands well beyond program placement. As a construction-focused firm, we integrate risk engineering, claims advocacy, and wrap administration to develop a better, more successful program. These in-house resources are then further enhanced by our vast unencumbered partner network, ensuring no solution is out of reach.

Understanding Controlled Insurance Programs

Controlled Insurance Programs (“CIP”), sponsored by either the Owner (“OCIP”) or General Contractor or Construction Manager (“CCIP”) can provide the best insurance coverage for a project by eliminating coverage uncertainty and providing more efficient use of capital to address project risk for Owners, Contractors, and Subcontractors. By aligning contracts, safety and loss control practices, claim management, and program administration, a well-designed program can reduce the overall cost of insurance for the project while providing a better comprehensive insurance solution.

The Right Solution for Your Project

Each stakeholder has its own view of risk, risk tolerance, and ideas for how insurance and capital should and can be used. Furthermore, not every program type fits with every project, and on multi-project solutions, the program has to align and work well within risk management, procurement, legal, safety, finance, etc. Aligning these risks and choosing the right solution is the key to your project’s success.

What We Do

We work with clients across their organizations to align interests between them and their partners. Building this map and understanding how you operate is key to long-term program success. Then, with your specific project in mind, we develop solutions that fit well within your business and best support your goals.

Important considerations for Project Risk Casualty Solutions like OCIPs, CCIPs and Owner/GC Programs:

The Construction Manager is contractually responsible for:
– Risk of loss and indemnification of Owner
– Vetting and selecting subcontractors
– Enforcing downstream contractual risk transfer to the subcontractors

In the event a subcontractor’s insurance fails to address a loss in whole or in part, the responsibility likely moves up to CM.

Insurance carriers focus on the experience and abilities of the Construction Manager when underwriting a project. They will typically require:
– Loss History over a 5-to-10 year term
– Safety program
– QA/QC Program on residential projects
– Process for selecting subcontractors


From developer to construction manager to architect to contractor and subcontractor, our mission is to create and service valuable risk solutions for our clients. We align program design, safety and loss control practices, claims management, and program administration, to develop a well-designed program that minimizes the cost of project insurance while providing a better insurance solution overall. At American Global, no solution is out of reach.