Connecting Our Clients with Capital

American Global is pleased to share a common vision, passion, and strategic alliance with Star America.  Star America is a US-headquartered developer, investor and manager of greenfield and North American infrastructure assets. Star America are experts on public-private partnerships across the transportation, social and environmental sectors. Star America focuses on high value added projects where the team can leverage its construction and asset management experience to generate attractive risk adjusted returns. Over the past fifteen years, the team has experience financing, underwriting and managing over forty-five infrastructure projects with values totaling more than $60B. Star America’s mission is to become the preferred North American greenfield project development partner for both public owners and large, regional and local concessionaires.

The strategic alliance between American Global and Star America offers compelling advantages over competitors thru the range of knowledge, experience, and passion of its people. Star is an independent company, whose team is comprised of a unique blend of talent, from construction to operating knowledge, unparalleled in the infrastructure industry.  American Global and Star continually find synergies as mutual clients examine the same project pursuits. We feel the strategic alliance offered between American Global and Star offers clients a pairing of capital funding with project risk management that is unparalleled in the construction industry.

Connecting With Our Industry

At American Global we strive, not only to be visable in the insurance industry and construction community, but be active in them. Our team members commit time and resources to organizations that exist to better the construction industry, participating in committee and leadership roles. We believe it is our responsibility to actively support those who have given us their trust and to understand the issues they are facing, every day, in their businesses.