We fight vigorously on your behalf to limit the impact a loss has on your business: before, during, and after one arises.

Our unparalleled support begins immediately on all claims, new and old. Working together, we help you reduce your total cost of risk, limit collateral obligations, and deliver the best underwriting result.

Our Team Becomes Your Team

Recognizing the economic impact claims have on our clients, we’ve made significant investments in developing a superior claims team. Ten percent of our staffing resources are dedicated to claims, enabling us to function as your “in-house claims team” with expertise spanning across all lines of coverage.

This extensive team is supported by our most senior claims leaders. These industry influencers are involved from the very beginning and remain active in managing your claims program. Their involvement is usually more than most expect but precisely the level we think our clients deserve.

Claim Prevention

Our fully integrated risk management program is designed to improve safety and reduce costs. We focus on helping contractors develop, implement and execute powerful risk management strategies, allowing them to manage and mitigate their exposure to preventable loss.



Claims Handling

We will provide you with the tools, analysis, and measurements to timely report claims and receive a quality investigation. An accurate liability assessment reflects a clear view of the exposure, ultimately leading to better outcomes and lower costs.

Efficient & Expeditious Protocols:
  • Thorough investigations
  • Fair, reasonable & quick resolutions
  • Active involvement in the claims process
  • Extensive carrier resources
  • Aggressive action plans to close claims

Legacy Claims

As a new client, we take a deep dive into your old claims to ensure that they have been properly handled with your best interests in mind.  In reviewing legacy claims, we have identified several missed risk transfer opportunities, allowing us to reduce reserves and close out files to the benefit of our clients’ bottom line. 

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