At American Global, no solution is out of reach. We design and service Controlled Insurance Programs across all risk areas and project types, protecting the interests of everyone involved. With your project in mind, we focus on your specific needs and risk exposures, developing a well-designed CIP program that minimizes cost and optimizes coverage.

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Controlled Insurance Programs

Controlled Insurance Programs (“CIP”) can eliminate coverage uncertainty and provide more efficient use of capital when addressing project risk for Owners, Contractors, and Subcontractors. Designed for either a single project or a series of projects, CIPs can provide a solution for general and umbrella/excess liability, workers compensation, and employer’s liability. 

Project-Driven Solutions

Each project stakeholder has their own view of risk, risk tolerance, and ideas for how insurance and capital can and should be used. To set your project up for success, we work to align everyone’s interests, developing a win-win situation for the architect, developer, owner, general contractor, and subcontractors.

A Full-Service Team

Under one integrative platform, we’ve combined technology and personal service to handle every aspect of your CIP program. Our construction-focused experts collaborate across multiple areas, including design and placement, safety and loss control, claims management, and program administration to ensure all your bases are covered. Supporting you at every stage of your project, we also address Builders Risk, Environmental and Professional risks, captive implementation, and actuarial services.

Valuable Data

We develop project-specific tools to optimize our client’s risk buying, resource utilization, and operational health and safety practices.

With weaponized data, you’re better positioned to make insurance-linked investments, plan for the future, and meet long-term goals.


At the core of this platform is AGLOW, our wrap-up management software designed to streamline administration and ensure your program’s successWeb-based and customizable to clients, AGLOW offers convenient access to all information and documents relevant to a user’s participation in the program. Learn More About AGLOW.

  • Web-based and Mobile-friendly
  • Integrated Paperless Communication
  • Real-time Data and Updates
  • Secure Access for All Stakeholders
  • Claims Integration
  • Customized Reporting
  • Certificate Tracking and Compliance Evaluation
  •  Payroll Compliance Monitoring
  •  Insurance Costs and Financial Performance Verification 

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