American Global has utilized its deep expertise to customize subcontractor default insurance programs for some of the most reputable general contractors and construction management firms.

SDI is an insurance program specifically engineered to protect against the potentially adverse impact upon a construction project resulting from subcontractor’s default of performance.  SDI promotes claims responsiveness and has helped general contractors keep projects moving on schedule and on budget even when a default occurs.

SDI as a Tool

SDI has been a great “tool” or “sleep insurance” for GC’s that have gone bare or only selectively bonded for subcontractor default risk.  In many cases and without additional workforce/workload it has enabled a GC to enhance risk mitigation strategy (Sub Mgt; Safety, QA/QC) where it counts.


The American Global team will place you with the SDI program and carrier that is right for you. After your program is in place, we are dedicated to working with our customers to improve their internal control procedures and subcontractor prequalification practices.

Business Development and Maintenance

SDI has been a mark of distinction for GCs and for use as a tool in business development.  Some owners will specify SDI as a requirement in RFP.  Many rating agencies and lenders look positively on having SDI on a project for an owner’s performance risk guarantee. American Global will help you utilize your SDI program to develop your business as well as maintain your SDI program and internal control procedures and expectations.

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