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Meet the visionaries powering us forward.

A man wearing blue tuxedo and tie

Chairman & CEO

Michael Marino

photo of David Marino

Group President & COO

David Marino

photo of Lawrence Esposito

Chief Financial Officer

Lawrence Esposito

photo of Torre Taylor Dos Santos

Director | Talent & Culture

Torre Taylor Dos Santos

photo of Jennifer Westmoreland

President | Georgia

Jennifer Westmoreland

photo of John McGill

President | Project Solutions

John McGill

A man wearing a neck tie with diagonal lines

President | Florida

Will Griffin

A woman wearing a white blazer

President | Pennsylvania

Anastasia Fleckser

photo of Paul Messenger

President | Texas

Paul Messenger

photo of Kevin Walsh

President | New Jersey

Kevin Walsh


President | Illinois

Nick Bokios

photo of Ricardo Davila

Head of International

Ricardo Davila

A man wearing a gray suit and pink shirt

President – Canada

Kent Peters

photo of Katie Wright

Career Development Manager

Katie Wright

photo of David Wessin

Vice President | Risk Engineering

Robert Labbe

Close up image of an old man smiling at the camera

Vice President | Risk Engineering

David Wessin

A woman with curly, brown hair

Vice President | Project Solutions

Sydney Byrne

Close up image of a man smiling at the camera

Vice President

Chris Westendorf

A man in a blue suit

Senior Vice President | Surety

Zack Stevens

A man in a dark gray suit

Senior Vice President

Marc Drumm

A bald guy in a dark blue suit

Senior Vice President

Ante Petricevic

photo of Nancy Rogge

Learning & Development Mgr

Nancy Rogge

A man wearing a blue neck tie with diamond designs

Chief Broking Officer

Michael Meisten

Close up image of a woman smiling at the camera

Head of Surety Operations

Krystal Stravato

photo of Michael Wanko

Senior Vice President | Claims

Michael Wanko

photo of Michele Simpson

Senior Vice President | Claims

Michele Simpson

photo of Chrissy Williams

Asst. Vice President | Claims

Chrissy Williams

A woman with blonde hair

Senior Vice President

Caryn Maxfield

A man wearing a pink tie

Managing Director, Italy

Luigi Senis

photo of Tina Richardson

Asst. Vice President | Claims

Tina Richardson

photo of Edward Reilly

Senior Vice President

Ed Reilly

photo of Jessica Aiello

Senior Vice President

Jessica Aiello

photo of James Merrill

Senior Vice President

Jim Merrill

photo of Erin Carroll

Senior Vice President

Erin Carroll

photo of Stephen Angiulo

Senior Vice President

Stephen Angiulo

A man wearing a gray suit, pink shirt, and blue tie

Senior Vice President

Francois Wasselin

photo of Mike Karlins

Senior Vice President

Michael Karlins

A man wearing a blue suit and red tie

Senior Vice President

Michael Africk

photo of Gerard Leib

Senior Vice President

Gerard Leib

photo of Clay Rives

Senior Vice President

Clay Rives

photo of Greg West

Senior Vice President

Greg West

photo of Wes Williams

Senior Vice President

Wes Williams

A woman wearing a black shirt

Senior Vice President

Issy Bustamante

photo of John Martinez

Senior Vice President

John Martinez

photo of Nancy Schnee

Senior Vice President

Nancy Schnee