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Construction Risk Management

American Global is a privately held insurance and surety brokerage firm specializing in all aspects of construction risk management. We support contractors, owners, and developers throughout the entire scope of their projects and across every milestone of their business, protecting against the risks and exposures specific to the construction industry.

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One Team. One Goal.

With more than 150 global employees, we collaborate across every role and geography to deliver a client experience that feels less transactional and brings more value.

Options and Opportunities

In a world of constant change, we work together to know the market, its local landscape, and all its complexities to offer our clients a massive range of options and opportunities. All across the globe.

Forward Thinking Approach.

From the beginning, we set out to create a different client experience. One that would change the perception of the broker and set the bar higher. The difference is in our unified, forward thinking approach that begins with you. Discover. Collaborate. Deliver. Review & Refine.

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